What is Heartlife?

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

These are the timeless words by which the writer of Proverbs guides us to take care of the deepest place within us, for the attitudes we nurture there motivates the way we live. If you were asked to write down or sketch what your heart looks like right now, it would probably be a challenging task. Life “below the waterline” is often difficult to understand with any degree of clarity.

It is for this reason we developed HeartLife. Not to classify or attempt to define you — but rather to help you gain insight regarding the condition of your heart, right here, right now. It is both a tool (measuring where you currently are) and a development journey for individuals, groups, leaders and organisational cultures.

About your Heart

Your Heart remembers Eden; we all share the longing to be fully alive, deeply loved and embrace a noble cause.   In Genesis 3, we discover what lies at the root of our heart’s yearning.  This passage chronicles Adam and Eve’s rebellion which severed our deep sense of connection and belonging.  The choice to live life on our own terms marked the origins of human defensiveness, blame and disingenuous disguise.  But God has placed eternity in our hearts, and has given us a singularly beautiful restoration plan in Jesus Christ.

At HeartLife, our humble desire is to see Christians everywhere awaken to newness of heart, no longer bound by their old programming. We know that you long for the fullness of the life God intended, and that He will complete this work.  Our mission is to equip you – and your people – with the insight and courage to step beyond familiar obstacles, embracing a transformational journey with the Holy Spirit.

This is the heart-revolution, and we’d love you to join us!

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Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23

The Heartlife Indicator

Your HeartLife journey begins with a 10 minute survey which is one of the most simple, yet highly effective, ways to measure behaviour. You will answer a few questions, and also have the opportunity to invite at least three other people to answer these questions describing their impressions of you.  The results, including the benchmark you set, will appear in your Personal Development Guide (PDG), downloadable from the HeartLife website.

The PDG document provides you with a new level of awareness regarding the state of your heart and the motivations which drive your behaviour, preparing the way for character growth. But tools and measurements alone will not transform us. Change happens as you, your leadership team and/or clients encounter God and embark upon a transformational journey with Him. It is our prayer that HeartLife would open the doors to this journey, one where hearts are unlocked from the limitations of pride and fear and released into the freedom and creativity of humility and love.

Completing the HeartLife Indicator is offered at no cost to individuals, churches, Christian NGOs or mission organizations.

Let's get started!

Paul Manwaring

GLobal Legacy Director (A Ministry of Bethel Church)

Thank you so much for serving our team, accrediting them as Facilitators in HeartLife. You have had a massive impact on our lives and there is more to come. This was the perfect next step for us this year. I wish the whole team could have done it!

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